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Sphere Puzzle

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Enhance parent-child interaction with the sphere exploration puzzle.  Teach your child the difference between displacement and alignment, concept of symmetry and space.  Promote logical thinking and train your baby's concentration through playing.


  • Round and smooth design, no sharp edges
  • Non-toxic paint, safe for use
  • Various ways to play for babies 9 months and above
  • Fun and educational, enhance parent-child interaction


  • A.B.S.
  • P.C.
  • P.E.

Size: 13 x 13 x 13 cm

Contents: 1 sphere, 4 piyopiyo family member blocks


  • Product can only be rolled.  Do not throw or drop from high places.
  • Please have an adult assist in opening the product package and unwrapping the bag.  Do not allow children to put packaging into their mouths or wrap onto their heads.
  • Use under adult supervision.
  • Do not allow children to put toys inside their mouths.
  • When damaged or deformed, please stop playing it.
  • Clean by wiping the product with a damp cloth or sponge.  Do not use brushes with hard bristles or product will be damaged.
  • Do not disinfect the product by boiling in water, wiping with disinfectant fluids.

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