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Detachable Bottle Cleaner

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  • Handle: PP
  • Foam: PU Foam

Size: W 6 x L 27 cm


  • 360 degree rotating handle making it easy to change the brushing directions.
  • while making vertical cleaning, the concave provides the hand to have an ideal gripping
  • half of its original length, makes it easy to carry around
  • soft sponge is safe and sanitary and will not scratch the bottle or container


  • Press and arrow marked points to remove the scrubber.
  • When assembling, just slightly press the arrow mark, put the handle in.


  • When assembling, disassembling, please mind the finger.
  • Do NOT strongly twister the sponge, or force the cleaner into the bottle of smaller mouth.  It may cause breakage or falling-off.
  • Do NOT store in the place near fire source or high temperature.
  • Do NOT wash with alkali detergent or bleach.  After use, please wash clean, and place it for hang dry.